the journey of making the everything beta film

Let´me share with you, how i put myself on a journey to make a giant film, uncover the knowledge that makes entrepreneurs successful and how i approach this film.

in my ideal scenario, i want to conduct 1000 conversation with entrepreneurs on various levels of success, from beginner to serial business builder. i want to explore the minds of these people, that i make part of as well, and share the knowledge.

i was thinking a lot about how to do this. how to finance a project, that is probably going to take me 5 years or more to complete. my dream is to share the knowledge and conversation in the open web, so that everyone can learn and benefit and help to build a better future.

the entrepreneur in me was thinking for quite some time on how to make money while working on the film. but for one reason and others, i always kept the funding and the content separate. i want to keep the editorial process clean of distractions, commitments, interference.

i was thinking about a paid membership website, like an entrepreneur magazine for a low and reasonable monthly subscription fee. but quickly i realized, how other popular online magazines are run and that most often, the audience is lured by hyper scandalous stories - which i detest and do not find useful for the purpose of learning.

it´s a foggy dschungle out there and i want to break through it!

the one thing that struck me and had me feel uncomfortable with the membership model was, that many people will not be able to ever see the content. the internet has the tendency to remain free of charge. open transparent content seems to work best to find an audience, hungry students, professional collaborators, scientists and avid readers.

this conflict in thinking was rumbling in me for quite some time. now, i´ve made up my mind and run this operation completely "not for profit" and just hope, sincerly, that the work will spread and find the poeple that benefit from it.

Still, the operation is quite cash intense, shooting with cinema cameras, with large digital files in 4k,5k,6k are hungry for hard drives. storing and cataloguing the shots needs periods, sprints of software development. the interviews and conversations need transcription and cross tagging to shape the stories to unfold.

one way of financing may be the use of advertising, small and medium contributions, sponsors from the entrepreneurial world. i am also thinking about featuring maybe product and services, as long the they are genuinely helpful to the entrepreneur and start up community.

when you´re struck by an idea, let´s bring the discussion on twitter, in the open and see where this journey brings us. i am super excited and looking forward to the future!

twitter handle is @everythingbeta